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Learning to Love, Loving to Learn


 Headteacher : Mr M Welton


It gives me great pleasure to welcome to Trinity Church of England Primary School. Our school aims to develop each child’s potential and recognise the diversity of gifts each child brings to our school. We seek to create an atmosphere of openness and honesty, where children are safe and healthy and show tolerance, courtesy and sensitivity to the needs of others. Our school has a very strong basis of Christian values and this is fundamental to our excellent learning environment.

Holy Trinity Church is an integral part of school life, through our educational visits to support the curriculum, the use of the churchyard to support learning, and the special services that we attend as a whole school throughout the year, as well as member s of the church leading our act of worship as a whole school on a Wednesday.

Learning is at the heart of our school, and is echoed through our school motto; learning to love, loving to learn. Children at our school make very good academic progress and exceptional personal development. Every member of staff at Trinity recognises that for every pupil at Trinity, this will be their only time in school, and it is essential that each pupil has the best opportunity to fulfil their potential, through engaging and motivating lessons, that engender creativity, inspiration, awe and wonder.
Our approaches to behaviour and safety, ensure that are pupils are reflective and develop a clear sense of moral purpose. This was clearly identified in our most recent OFSTED 2012 where ‘respect, courtesy, calmness and joy are characteristics clearly visible in pupils, many of whom have, or have had barriers to learning for different reasons. Such qualities pay tribute not only to the work of pupils but also that of teachers, support staff, and others in the community in creating this safe and harmonious school.’
Pupil voice is very important in our school. The pupils play a significant role in shaping a school that is relevant to our children’s needs, wishes and feelings. Our year six prefects, year group school councillors, zone park monitors and school librarians all play a crucial role in the daily running of our school. 
We have a very talented staff at Trinity, who are able to offer our children a wide range of musical, creative, ICT based and sports based clubs. Through our last cycle of external inspections our pupils spoke passionately of their own self-esteem and pride that they gain through participation in a wide range of extremely well resourced activities and their successes in music, dance, sport being particularly evident. Our specialist teachers and facilities for music and dance ensure that every child at Trinity has opportunity to flourish in their own creativity.
I hope that you find this website useful in finding out about our school, but the only way to fully appreciate the wonderful learning experiences that our children fully participate in every day is to come to our school. I’m sure that you will be as amazed, as I am everyday, at the knowledge, the skills and the talents our children flourish in, and the wonderful way the children will articulate this to you. Their passion and enthusiasm for learning is contagious.
I look forward to meeting you.
Mr Matthew Welton.



 Mission Statement

We are a school that seeks to serve the whole of the surrounding neighbourhood and beyond. Children from all backgrounds are welcomed into this school, which has a Christian foundation and tradition. We consider that each child is of unique worth. All members of the school are encouraged to recognise this worth in themselves and others.
The school aims to develop each child’s potential to the full, recognising the diversity of gifts each child brings to the school. We seek to create an atmosphere of openness and honesty, tolerance, courtesy and sensitivity to the needs of others.

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